I have worked with Dr Paul and Dr Stevens for the past 10 years and during this time have found them to be both professional and personable.

They have shown expertise and attention to detail in their assessment and management of workers compensation injuries.

In addition they have developed a breadth of knowledge on the workers compensation system and understand the interplay between key stakeholders.

I strongly recommend “InTouch Medical” for any injury prevention and injury management medical services.

Ms Michelle Butler, WA, SA & NT Regional Manager Recovre Group


We have been referring to Dr Sean Stevens for our work injuries for some time. Given the complexities involved in managing work injuries, we recognise the importance of quality practitioners treating our injured workers.

We have found Dr Stevens to be pro-active in both medical management, and maintaining our workers within the work environment where possible. His focus on early intervention has often significantly improved outcomes and reduced the duration for recovery.

He maintains excellent communication before, during and after his consultations, making the injury management processes seamless and simpler to coordinate.

Dr Stevens has a good understanding of the implications of the Workers Compensation and OSH legislation, which is important from an employers’ perspective in maintaining safety performance and outcomes.

Sarah Wilson, Injury Management Advisor


Intouch Medical have consistently exceeded our expectations in regard to service provision and communication.

As a workplace rehabilitation provider we rely heavily on communication with doctors to assist workers to return to work safely and promptly and Intouch Medical are, by far, the leaders in this area.

Their ability to liaise with relevant parties (particularly including employers and workplace rehabilitation providers) has ensured the opportunity to address barriers and difficulties promptly, and find solutions in a collaborative approach that minimises a worker from being stuck within the workers’ compensation system for extended periods. This is not only beneficial for the worker; but also has major benefits to employers – with savings in terms of time, money, productivity, staff morale and so on.

The approach that Intouch Medical take in valuing regular, effective communication (whether it be by email, telephone or face to face case conferences) and their understanding of their role in the workers compensation system, facilitates an employer to meet their obligations in the injury management domain and provides a trusted service for an injured worker.

It is very refreshing to use an organisation such as In touch Medical that really does practice what its motto is : ‘Maximising worker’s health through high quality care and excellent communication’

Zoe Holdaway (Director), ZONE Workplace Health Solutions


Dr Stevens and Dr Paul from InTouch Medical have been invaluable in assisting our injured team members with achieving prompt recovery and finalisation of their claims.  As medical professionals they recognise that maintaining injured workers in the work place is most often the best option.

The lines of communication are always open.  Both Doctors email their certificates and recommendations on the day of consultation.  Queries are always welcome and answered promptly and information is provided in a manner that is easily understood and beneficial to the future management of the claim.

The medical outlook displayed by these Doctors enables injured workers, employers, the insurer and all other relevant stakeholders the ability to jointly progress through what can sometimes be considered a complicated system.

Michelle Bie, Senior Claims Officer